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X: 1 T:Where The Shannon Rises M:C L:1/8 C:Ed Reavy S:The Collected Compositions of Ed Reavy R:Reel N: N:Where the Shannon Rises. Ed was proud to recall N:that the majestic Shannon rose in his county. N:For this reason he called his first book N:of tunes: Where the Shannon Rises. Z:Joe Reavy K:D d|:DEFA defe| (3dcB (3cBA BFFG|AGFE DEFA|dBAF EDCE| DEFA defe|(3dcB (3cBA BFFG|AGFE DEFA|1 (3Bcd ef fddF:| [2(3Bcd eg fdde fdde||fgaf dcdf|eBfB fBfe|defg afea| gfeg fedc|defg afdf|edcd efge|(3f^ga ec dcdA| (3Bcd AF EDCE||