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X:1016 T:Daniel of the Sun T:Domnall Na Greine R:double jig N:collected by F. O'Neill S:984 O'Neill's Music of Ireland N:The original includes transcription errors in bars 4 & 9 N:a tilde has been used to denote a trill B:O'Neill's 984 Z:Transcribed by Robert Thorpe (thorpe@skep.com) Z:ABCMUS 1.0 M:6/8 K:D d/-e/|fdd {f}edd|fef dBA|B<-ee e2 d|B<-ee e2 d/-e/| |fdd edd|fef dBA|B<-dd d2 A|B<-dd d2:| d/-e/|f>ga e>fg|f>ef dBA|Bga e>fg|f>ef dBA|B<-dd d2 A|B<-dd d2| d/-e/|~f2 d ~e2 d|~f2 e dBA|Bee e2 d|Bee e2 d/-e/| |fdd edd|fef dBA|B<-dd d2 A|B<-dd d2||