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X:1021 T:Stack the Rags T:Cruac Suas Na Giobaltde R:double jig N:collected by F.O'Neill S:989 O'Neill's Music of Ireland N:Fermata at end of first 8 bars N:a tilde has been used to denote a trill N:transcription error in original, line 4, bar 4, note 1 B:O'Neill's 989 Z:Transcribed by Robert Thorpe ( Z:ABCMUS 1.0 M:6/8 K:F d|cAG G2 ^F|D2-G G3|cAG G2 G|f3 e2 d| |cAG ~G2 ^F|D2-G G3|^F2 G A2 B|c3 d3| |G2 g g3|^faf g3|d2 g g2 e|f3 e2 d| |G2 g g3|^faf g3|aba a2 g|f3 d2 c| |d2 g g3|^faf g3|d2 g g2 e|f3 f2 g| |agf gfe|fed f2 d| cBA A2 A|f3 e2|