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X:103 T:Rosin the Bow M:6/8 L:1/8 S:Sergt. James O'Neill manuscripts K:G D|GAG BAG|Bcd efg|dBG GAB|"tr" E3-E2 D| GAG BAG|Bcd efg|dBG AGA|G3 G2:| |:B/2c/2|dBd dBd|g2 e g2 e|dBG GAB|E3-E2 D| GAG BAG|Bcd efg|1dBG AGA|G3 G2:|2baf agf|g3 g2|| % % The name "Rosin the Bow" has clung to the writer's memory since % childhood, and the tune, like the song about "Old Rosin the Bow" % (a nickname for the fiddler) may have passed into oblivion, had % not the melody been fortuitously found recently in a faded % miscellaneous manuscript collection long discarded by Sergt. James % O'Neill. A version of it I find is printed in Joyce's "Old Irish Folk % Music and Songs - 1909".