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X:105 T:The Reel of Tulloch M:4/4 L:1/8 S:Neil Gow & Sons Complete Repository c.1805 K:D f|"tr"e2 Ac/2d/2 ecAa|"tr"e2 AB/2c/2 dBGB|{B}e2 Ac/2d/2 eAce| dE cd/2e/2 dBGB:||:"tr"cA cd/2e/2 "tr"c>AAB|cA cd/2e/2 dBGB| cA d/2e/2f cAcA|BE c/2d/2e dBGB|"tr"cA c/2d/2e "tr"cAAB| cA c/2d/2e dBGB|cA c/2d/2e cA c/2d/2e|BE c/2d/2e dBGB|| % % Noted for its dashing rhythm rather than for its melodic merits, % "The Reel of Tulloch" first appeared in print in the 10th number % of "Robert Bremner's Scots Reels, or Country Dances" issued in % 1761. It originated in the parish of Tulloch, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. % The traditional stories relating to its composition are too long and % unreliable for narration here. A wild orgie of dancing under % improbable circumstances in one case, and a desparate encounter % with swords in another, are given as the inspiration of what has been % termed "the maddest of all Highland reels". Altho Officer William % Walsh obligingly favored me with a bagpipe setting of the tune, % preference has been given to that played by the famous violinist Neil % Gow, which leaves nothing to be desired.