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X:1057 T:The Northern Road N:Collected by Dillon B:O'Neill's 1025 Z:Transcribed by Dan G. Petersen, dangp@post6.tele.dk S:Anacrusis to the second part is missing M:6/8 L:1/8 K:D d|AGF A2D|DED FED|AGF A2D|F3 d3| AGF A2D|DED AGF|EFE E2F|G3B2:| ABc d2F|AGF d2F|ABc dAF|B3 d3| [1 ABc ded|cBA d2A|Bcd EFE|D3 B3:| [2 faf gec|fdB AFD|EFE E2F|G3 B3|]