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X:108 T:Whistle o'er the Leave o't M:4/4 L:1/8 S:The Caledonian Muse 1785 K:G G>DE>G B>A B2|d>eB>g "tr"A>G E2|G>DE>G B>ABg|GG A2 G2:| |:de/2f/2 g>d e>d "tr"B2|d>eB>g A>G E2|g>be>g d>eB>g|GG A2 G2:| |:G>BA>c B>GA>c|B>GA>E G>B A2|G>BA>c B>dG>B|GG "tr"A2 G2:| G/2A/2B/2c/2 dg"tr"ed B2|c>AB>G c>G "tr"E2| BA/2B/2 cB/2c/2 de/2f/2 gf/2e/2|dGBG A2 G2:|| % % Identical with the above setting of "Whistle o'er the Leave o't" is % that printed in "Bremner's Collections of Scots Reels, or Country % Dances 1757-61". Its claim to consideration in this work is based on % the statement of Joseph Cant of Chicago, a first prize winner at % several piping competitions; that it was the favorite tune for the % Sean Truis or "Old Man's Dance" in his native Perthshire. The % rhythm of it was deemed more suitable to the requirements of % dancers burdened with years than the preceding tune . % On such excellent authority it has been included in this % classification.