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X: 11 T:The High Hill M:4/4 L:1/8 C:Ed Reavy S:The Collected Compositions of Ed Reavy R:Reel N:It's the hill that almost N:disappears in the mist, N:where the hill people reside. N:Stories have been told about it and about N:those who live there. Their music is N:the music of a lost art and their N:stories are the tales of a forgotten time. Z:Joe Reavy K:D FG|:AD (3FED A,DDE|FGAc dcAG|AD (3FED A,EFA|GE=CE G2FG| AD (3FED A,DDE|FGAB cBce|dcAG FGAF|GE=CE D2 FG:| Addc d2 cd|ed (3dcd edd=c|AGAB =cBcd|e=c (3cBc ecdc| Add^c d2 cd | ed (3dcd edd=c|AGAB =cded|1=cAGE DEFG:| [2=cAGE D2||