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X: 110 T:The Blackrock Shore R:Hornpipe C:Ed Reavy M:4/4 L:1/8 Z:Joe Reavy N:Aunt Ann used to sing the N:Maid of the Blackrock Shore, and N:she never missed a verse. Ed recalls part N:of the song, but these lines stuck in him memory: N:For seven long years N:I waited on the maid N:from the Blackrock Shore. N:Ed loved the old songs that were sung by the people of his region. K:D g|fedc dAFA|GFGF EDCE|DFAF EGBG|FAdf gfed| fefd gfec|defd AGFA|GFEG FEDF|1EDCE D3 z:| [2EDCE D2 EF||GFED CEA,C|DFAc d2 cd|edef gfga| bgec dAFA|dfaf bgec|defd AGFA|GFEG FEDF| [1EDCE D2 EF:|2EDCE D3||