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X:1147 T:Behind the Bush in the Garden R:double jig N:collected by Conners B:O'Neill's 1114 Z:Transcribed by M:6/8 L:1/8 K:Am (A/B/)|c2A AGE|c2A AGE|G2G GAE|(G3 E2)B| c2d e2a|g2e d2e|c2A BAG|A3 A2:| (A/B/)|c2B c2d|efe e2d|c2B c2d|e3 G2G| [1 c2B c2d|efe e2d|cBA BAG|A3 A2:| [2 c2d e2a|g2e d2e|c2A BAG|A3 A2||