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X:118 T:The Siege of Ennis N:Set (long) Dance (3-parts) Allan's #118 pp30 N:Trad/Anon N:CONVERTED FROM NOTEWORTHY COMPOSER (WWW.NOTEWORTHYSOFTWARE.COM) BY N:ABC2NWC (HTTP://MEMBERS.AOL.COM/ABACUSMUSIC/), WITH Z: (INTO NWC) VINCE BRENNAN 2002 (WWW.SOSYOURMOM.COM) I:abc2nwc M:2/4 L:1/16 K:D f4(f3e)|d2B2 B2d2|A2d2 (dc)de|f2e2 e2a2|f4(f3e)|d2B2 B2d2|A2a2 a2g2|f2e2 e3f:| |:f2d2 e2d2|f2d2 e2(de)|e2a2 a2f2|e2d2 e3e|f2d2 e2d2|f2d2 e2(de)|f2a2 a2f2|[1e2d2 d3e:|[2e2d2d2| K:G |:(GE)|D2F2 B2(AG)|A2E2 E2G2|D2G2 B2(AG)|d2B2 B2d2|e2g2 d2B2|(cB)AG A2B2|D3G (BA)GA|B2G2 G2:| |:(Bc)|d2B2 g2B2|(cB)AG A2(Bc)|d2B2 g2d2|e2f2 g3d|e2g2 d2B2|(cB)AG A2B2|D3G BAGA|B2G2 G2:| K:D |:F2A2 A2(Bc)|d2d2 d2(ef)|g2e2 f2d2|B2A2 ABAG|F2A2 A2(Bc)|d2d2 d2(ef)|g2e2 f2d2|B2A2 A4:| |:f2a2 (ab)af|e2d2 d2e2|f2a2 (ab)af|a2e2 e3g|f2a2 (ab)af|e2d2 d2(ef)|g2e2 f2d2|B2A2 A4:|