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X:120 T:The Waves of Tory N:Set (long) Dance Allan's #120 pp31 N:Trad/Anon N:CONVERTED FROM NOTEWORTHY COMPOSER (WWW.NOTEWORTHYSOFTWARE.COM) BY N:ABC2NWC (HTTP://MEMBERS.AOL.COM/ABACUSMUSIC/), WITH Z: (INTO NWC) VINCE BRENNAN 2002 (WWW.SOSYOURMOM.COM) I:abc2nwc M:2/4 L:1/16 K:D (Bc)|.d2.A2 .F2.A2|.d2.d2 .d3.f|e2d2 c2d2|e2f2 g2(fg)| .a2.f2 .g2.e2|.d2.c2 .A3F|G2B2 ABAG|[1F2D2 D2:|[2F2D2 D4| |:f2ff f2f2|g2g2 g4|f2ff f2a2|g2f2 e2(fg)| a2f2 g2e2|d2c2A3F|G2B2 ABAG|[1F2D2 D4:|[2F2D2 D2|| K:G (B2c2)|:.d2(Bd) .c2(Ac)|B2G2 {A}GFGB|A2F2 {G}FEFG|A2G2 G2(Bc)| d2(Bd) c2(Ac)|B2G2 {A}GFGB|A2F2 {G}FEFG|A2.G2 .G4:| |:G2(Bd)g3f|{g}f2f2e4|D2(FA)f3e|{f}e2d2 d4| G2(Bd) g3f|{g}f2e2 e3g|f2a2 .e2.f2|[1g4g4:|[2(g4g2)|| K:D |:(fe)|.d2.B2 .A2.F2|A4(A2Bc)|d4(e2de)|f2e2 egfe| d2B2 A2F2|A4(A2Bc)|d4(e2de)|[1f2.d2.d2:|[2f2d2 d3e| |:.f2.e2 .f2.g2|.a2.a2 .g2.f2|e2b2 b2a2|b2e2 egfe| d2B2 A2F2|A4(A2Bc)|d4(e2de)|[1f2d2 d3e:|[2f2d2d2|]