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X:120 T:Ducks and Drakes. PFD2.120 W:Longways for as many as will. B:Playford's Dancing Master, Vol 2, 1713-28 Z:vmp.Mike Hicken 2015 N:"*" In the original these notes are shown as B sharp which was the convention at the time. N:Segno is unexplained, but perhaps means to repeat the following four bars L:1/4 M:6/4 Q:3/4=100 K:Dm e|fed agf|efd ^c2e|fed agf|efd ^c2d|eAe fef|gcg aga|bag c'ef|gg2f2|| c|ABc cBA|GEc GEC|FGA AGF|EFD A2":S:"e|fAA "*"=BdG|g"*"=BB ^c2e|aAB AGF|Ed^c D2|] W: W:Note: Each Strain twice, and Repeat each time. W: W:The two first Couple lead to the Wall and back again, then the first Cu. cast off and turn Hands .| W:Then lead to the Wall and back again, the first Couple cast up and turn Hands in their own Places :| W:The first Man cross over with the second Woman, and the second Man with the first Woman, the W:two Men lead thro' the two Women, then the two Women lead thro' the two Men .| The first Man W:cast up round the second Man into his Proper place, the second Woman casts off into hers at the W:same Time; then the second Man casts off into his Proper Place, the first Woman casts up into hers W:at the same Time, then the first Couple cast off and turn Hands :|