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X:1204 T:I'm the Boy for Bewitching Them B:O'Neill's Music of Ireland N:O'Neill's - 1151 Z:Transcribed by Stephen Foy ( Z:abc 1.6 Z:Fermata (Fine) above repeat sign. Z:D.C. under last bar-line. M:9/8 R:slipjig K:G B | G>AG GBA ABd e2 g | G>AG gfe dBG | A>Bc BAB "Fine"E2 :| d | g>dg gag fed | efe efg a2 b | gdg gag fed | gfe dcB A2 d | g>dg gag fed | efe efg a2 g/a/ | bgb afa gfe | def gdB "D.C"A2 ||