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X:124 T:The Original One-Horned Sheep M:6/8 L:1/8 S:Capt. F. O'Neill K:G GA|BGG AGG|BGB "tr"c2 A|BGG AGG|BGB "tr"A2 G| BGG AGG|BGB c2 e|GBd efg|dBG "tr"A2 G:| |:Bdd dBG|Bdd "tr"d2G|Bdd dBA|GED G2 A| Bdd dBG|Bdd "tr"e2 d|BcB ABA|GED G2 A:| % % An Irish song extolling the many good qualities of % "An sean caora adarcach" in supplying drink, food, % and clothing , to her owner, wa sung to this air. % No. 238 in O'Neill's Dance Music of Ireland is a % sprightly variant.