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X:13 T:Monsieur Dupre. PFD3.013 B:Playford, Dancing Master Vol 3, 2nd Ed, c1726 Z:village music project, Steve Mansfield 2015 M:3/4 L:1/4 W:Longways for as many as will W:Note: Each Strain twice. W:The first and second Couple, Hands all four round and turn Single .| W:Then Hands all four across quite round :| Then the first Couple W:cast off, then the Men Hands round with the third Couple, and the W:Women with the second |. Then Right-hands and Left quite round, W:and turn your Partner |: N:Repeats inserted to match dance instructions Q:3/4=60 K:D d/c/d/e/d/e/ | GAA | d/c/d/e/d/e/ | fdd | f/e/f/g/f/g/ | aee | aa^g | a3 :| |: a/g/a/b/a/b/ | g2g/f/ | g/f/g/a/g/a/ | f2g/f/ | e/f/g/f/e/d/ | cA/G/F/E/ | dec | d3 :|