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X:130 T:Put in Enough M:6/8 L:1/8 C:Jackson S:Aird's Selections 1782-97 K:D A/2G/2|F>GF "tr"FED|B>cB Bcd|F>GF "tr"FED|A2 A A2 d| FGF "tr"FED|B2 B Bcd|cBA dAF|ABA A2:| |:d|"tr"cBA cec|dBB "tr"B2 d|"tr"cBA cec|ABA A2 d| "tr"cBA cec|dBB B2 d|"tr"cBA dAF|ABA A2:| |:G|"tr"F2 d "tr"F2 d|B2 B Bcd|"tr"F2 d "tr"F2 d|A2 A A2 G| "tr"F2 d "tr"F2 d|B2 B Bcd|"tr"cBA dAF|ABA A2:|| % % This is one of the famous "Piper" Jackson's jigs, not included in % any modern collection since its publication in a much higher % key in Clinton's Gems of Ireland, London 1841.