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X:131 T:Dromey's Fancy M:6/8 L:1/8 S:Patrick Stack, Chicago K:G E/2F/2|GEE BEE|GEE BAG|FDD ADD|dcB AGF| GEE BEE|GEE B2 c|ded BAF|GEE E2:| |:A|Bef gfe|fed BAG|FDD ADD|"tr"A2 G FED|1Bef gfe|fed BAG|GEE BAF|GEE E2:|2EDE G2 A|BAB def|edB BAF|GEE E2:|| % % This catchy strain which is a superior variant of "The Dancing Master" % in O'Neill's Dance Music of Ireland was introduced to Chicagoans by % John Dromey an excellent fluter, and amateur piper, whose name it % bears. Mr. Dromey who is yet hale and hearty, was in his prime, a % generation ago, the star of every Irish gathering, for as a % traditional singer of Irish songs, he was unrivalled.