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X:134 T:Jackson's Frolic M:6/8 L:1/8 S:Aird's Selections 1782-97 K:D B|A2 D FED|F/2G/2AD FED|GBG FAF|EFE E2 B| A2 D FED|F/2G/2AD FED|B2 G A2 F|DED D2:| |:d|f2 d edB|d2 c BAF|EFE EFA|e3 efa| fed edB|d2 B BAF|AFF d2 D|DED D2:|| % % An anonymous variant of "Jackson's Frolic" was memorized from % " the fluting of James Moore in Chicago some fifty years ago. % Another version of the tune heard later differed so materially in % the second part, that it was added as a third part to Moore's % variant, and printed as "Kitty of Oulart" in former O'Neill % collections.