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X:144 T:Stepney Cakes and Ale. PFD2.144 B:Playford's Dancing Master, Vol 2, 1713-28 Z:vmp.Steve Mansfield 2015 T:Kissed Her Under the Coverlet,aka. PFD2.144 T:Bunter's Delight,The,aka. PFD2.144 M:6/9 L:1/4 W:Longways for as many as will. W:Note: Each Strain is to be play'd twice over. W:The first Couple Sett and cast off and cast up again .| W:The second Couple do the same :| The the first Couple W:cross over and half Figure, and lead thro' the third Couple W:and cast up |. Then the first Couple cast up, then the second W:Couple cast up, and the first Couple cast up again, W:and Right and Left and turn your Partner |: Q:2/4=120 N:Repeats not in Mss, added to match dance instruction K:D D2d c>B A=c3 | GEC C2D EGE | D2d c>BA d3 | AFD D2G EGE :| |: D2a g>fe =c3 | GEC C2D EGE | D2a g>fe d3 | AFD D2F EGE | afd ecA =c3 | GEC C2D EGE | afd ecA d3 | AFD D2F EGE :|