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X:1453 T:The Collier's Reel M:C| L:1/8 N:collected by J. O'Neill B:O'Neill's 1404 Z:"Transcribed by Bob Safranek, rjs@gsp.org" N:Changed 1/8 note "c" in bar 6 to quater note to make timing come out K:D G | F>(D (3EFG) A2 (AB) | c2 (cd) cAGB | Addc d2 (eg) | fded cAGE | F>(D (3EFG) A2 (AB) | c2 (cd) cAGB | Ad{e}dB {d}cAGE | F>(A (3GFE) D2 z || g | fdeg fdec | Addc Addg | fdeg fdec | ABcd c2 (fg) | a2 (Taf) g2 (Tge) | fgfe d2 ~(dc)| AddB {d}cBAG | F>(A (3GFE) D3 |]