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X:149 T:The Stolen Purse M:6/8 L:1/8 S:Capt. F. O'Neill K:G dBA AGA|BGG G2 B|dBA ABd|efe edB| dBA AGA|BGG G2 A|GED G2 A|Bdd edB:| |:def g2 b|agf "tr"g2 e|def g2 a|bge edB| def g2 b|agf g2 a|bgg agf|"tr"e2 d efg:|| % % This rare jig tune which has haunted my memory for years was % evidently derived from "The Old Woman Lamenting Her Purse", % No. 560, O'Neill's Music of Ireland 1903. The air does not appear % in the Bunting Collections. A setting in which the first part is % repeated after the second part is printed without note or comment % in Petrie's Complete Collection of Irish Music.