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X:15 T:Slainte Righ Pilib T:Health to King Phillip M:3/4 L:1/8 S:Burk Thumoth's Scotch & Irish Airs 1743 R:Air K:Bb "Moderato"G4 ^F2|G2 A2 c2|d4 c2|{B}A4 d2|c4 AG|^F2 A3 G|^F3 E F2|D6| G4 ^F2|G2 A2 c2|d4 A2|c4 de|f2 =e2 d2|c2 A2 G^F|G6-|G6:| g4 ^f2|g2 a2 b2|a4 gf|d4 d=e|f3 g fg|f2 d2 f2|c4 {B}A2|^F4 {E}D2| G3 A G^F|G2 A2 c2|d4 A2|c4 d=e|f2 =e2 d2|c2 A2 G^F|G6-|G6:|| % % Song refers to King Phillip IV of Spain, who died in 1665. % This setting and the two that follow illustrate the tendency to % create variants of popular compositions.