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X:1534 T:Good Morning to Your Night Cap R:reel N:collected from McFadden B:"O'Neill's Dance Music of Ireland, 1485" T:ball ua dia air do biread-oi d ce Z:transcribed by John B. Walsh, 8/22/96 M:C| L:1/8 K:Am A2 (Ac) BGGB|cBcd ((3e^fg) (dB)|A2 (Ac) BGGB|cABG ((3E^FG) D2| A2 (Ac) BGGB|cBcd ((3e^fg) (dB)|A2 (Ac) BGGB|cABG (EA) A2|| efec dedB|cBcd eaag|((3e^fg) (ec) dedB|cABG ((3E^FG) D2| e2 (ec) dedB|{d}cBcd e^f{a}ge|aged ((3e^fg) (dB)|cABG (EA) A2||