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X:1569 T:Turkies in the Straw R:reel N:collected from McFadden B:"O'Neill's Dance Music of Ireland, 1520" T:na ceirce-francai g annsa tui be Z:transcribed by John B. Walsh, 8/23/96 M:C| L:1/8 K:G (BA)|GE2 F EDB,C|DEDB, DEGA|T(BA)Bc dBGA|BA2G AcBA| GE2 F EDB,C|DEDB, DEGA|Bd2e dBGA|BGAF G2|| GA|Bd2e dBGA|Bdde dcBA|Bdef gfed|BA ((3Bcd)e2 ef| Tgfge dged|BdAG E2 GA|BdAG EDB,D|EG2 AG2||