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X:158 T:Fond of the Ladies M:6/8 L:1/8 S:Capt. F. O'Neill K:G e|dBG AGE|GED D2 E|G2 G A2 A|BAA Age| dBG AGE|GED D2 E|G2 G A2 A|BGG G2:| |:D|G2 G GAB|A2 A ABd|e>ee efg|dBG AGE| GAG GAB|ABA ABd|ede gdB|AGE G2:|| % % Following the example of Dr. Petrie and Dr. Joyce, whoe collections % abound in variants, some of which differ but slightly from others in % their pages; the editor has continued the practice, rather than risk % the loss of a worthy strain. Of that class is "Fond of the Ladies", % the opening bars of which remind us of "Sweet Biddy Daly", % or "The Irishman's Heart to the Ladies" previously printed.