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X:159 T:The Rover M:6/8 L:1/8 S:Capt. F. O'Neill K:G D|GAG EDB,|GBd "tr"e2 d|g>BB BAB|c>EE E2 F| GAG EDE|GBd "tr"e2 d|g>BB BAB|cEF G2:| |:D|GBd GBd|gfg dBG|GBd efg|fdd def| geg fdf|ece d2 B|cBc Adc|BGG G2:|| % % The Rover is another tune that is suggestive of certain strains with % which we are more or less familiar. It proves to be a variant of % "Paddy's Resource" - a rather stylish composition printed in % former O'Neill Collections.