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X:161 T:The Ladies' Fancy M:6/8 L:1/8 S:Thomas Galvin, Tralee K:G G3 AEE|AGG GED|G3 AEE|AGG GED| G3 AEE|AGG GED|G3 ABc|dAG FED:| |:dFF DEE|DFF DEE|dFF DEE|DFF FED| dFF DEE|DFF DEE|AAA ABc|dAG FED:|| % % This jig, a variant of the much more diversified "Yellow Wattle" % No.353 in O'Neill's Dance Music of Ireland, was sent to me by % Prof. P.D. Reilly, a famous dancing master of "London and % Castle Island", with the notation: % "This simple jig was a noted favorite among the two last % generations, and quite good enough for the present % when well played."