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X:162 T:Fairly Shut of Her M:6/8 L:1/8 S:O'Farrell's Pocket Companion1804-10 K:G D/2E/2|G2 E G2 E|G2 B BGE|G2 E G2 E|FGA AFD| G2 E G2 E|GAG Bcd|ege dBG|FGA AFD:| |:d3 BAB|G2 d dBG|d3 BAB|EFE AFD| d3 BAB|GAG Bcd|ege dBG|FGA AFD:| |:gfe gab|GAG BAG|g2 g gfg|efg afd| gag gfe|dcB c2 d|ege dBG|FGA AFD:| |:G3 dGG|BGG dGG|BGG dGG|BGG AFD| GAG dGG|BGG dBd|ege dBG|FGA AFD:|| % % Altho McGoun's tune was at hand for years, and was not known to % our traditional musicians, I hesitated to claim it as Irish, until % O'Farrell specifically notes it as being Irish in his Collection for %the Irish or Union Pipes. Few variants, while preserving a distinct % strain, differ so widely in their development. O'Farrell was a % renowned Irish piper who took part in operatic performances on % the London stage late in the 18th Century. SEE #159.