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X:162 T:Nine Elms. PFD3.162 B:Playford, Dancing Master Vol 3, 2nd Ed, c1726 W:Longways for as many as will M:3/2 L:1/4 Z:village music project. Peter Dunk 2015 Q:1/2=120 K:G GGG|d2 e/f/g e(d/c/)|c3 BAB|G3A/B/ cB|A3 GGG|d2 (e/f/)g e(d/c/)|c3A B^c| d3(e/d/) (^c/d/) (e/d/)|d3|:dcB|c2 BA BG|c3 BAB|G2 (G/A/)B GF|G3:| W: W:Note: The First Strain is to be Play'd but once, and the last twice. (Repeat marks added for clarity) W: W:Cross over, the first Man and second Woman Back to Back, and the second Man and first W:Woman at the same time go the half figure, and turn Hands in the second Couples Place .| W:Lead thro' the third Couple and cast up into the second Couples Place .| Lead through the W:first Couple and cast off |: