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X:163 T:Flavius (missing image). PFD3.163 B:Playford, Dancing Master Vol 3, 2nd Ed, c1726 T:Fly Boat,aka. PFD3.163 W:Longways for as many as will N:Index says Flavius but points to Fly Boat from Vol 2 M:C| L:1/4 Z:village music project. Peter Dunk 2015 Q:1/2=100 K:Bb Bf dg|fe/d/ cF|BG ec|de/d/ cF|Bf dg|fe/d/ cF|BG ed/c/|c2B2:| |:Gd cB/A/|Bc Ad|GA ^Fd|GA ^Fd|ed/c/ dc/B/|A2G2|Bd cf| dc/B/ cF|BG ec|de/d/ cF|Bf dg|fa b3/a/|g/f/e/d/ cd/e/|c2B2:| W: W:Note: Each Strain is to be Play'd twice over. (Repeat marks added for clarity) W: W:The two1st Cu. Hands a cross half round, and back again .| Then lead to the Wall and back again, W: and Back to Back with your Partners |: Lead down and cast up behind the 2d.Cu. and turn S.then W:cross over, Figure inn, which brings you int the 2d Cu. Place .| the 1st Man cast up, the 1st W:Wo. cast off at the same Time, and both fall inn between the 2d and 3d Cu. turn S then lead W:forward three and three abreast, and back again, the 1st Man cast off, and the 1st Wo. cast up W:into the 2d Cu. Place |: