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X:164 T:Sad Tidings C:Iain Lowe O:Montreal, Canada R:jig M:6/8 N:This tune was collected for the 2007 Hallowe'en session at O'Regan's Pub N:As I went home the night after the last session, having had probably a N:quart or two too much to drink, I noticed a pale woman standing by the N:side of the road. She was dressed in a long white shift that puddled N:around her ankles. As I drew nearer, I saw she held a fiddle and bow in N:her right hand. Her long grey hair was floating gently around her even N:though the night was as still as death. I slowed my pace and gazed in awe N:as she lifted the fiddle to her chin, her left hand wafting the ghostly bow N:towards the misty strings of the instrument. She then played the tune N:that I have copied here, it having lost much in the transcription. N:Her playing was light and staccato, her triplets bubbling out into the N:still night air like a man tripping on his way out of the pub. K:D EGB egf | efd e3 | gfe agf | efd e3 | EGB egf | efd e3 | edB =cBG | AEG E3 :: eEE eEE | GAB e3 | agf bag | efd e3 | eEE eEE | BAG F3 | FGA =cBA | FGD E3 :|