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X:169 T:As I Roved Out N:With expression "collected by J. O'Neill" B:O'Neill's 169 Z:Transcribed by henrik.norbeck@mailbox.swipnet.se Z:g2 in bar 2 of 2nd part should be =g2 M:C L:1/8 K:A ag|e2 dB A2 E2|G3 A B2 =g>f|e2 dB A2 A2|A6:| (AB)|=c2 AB ^cdef|g2 d2 e2 (ef/g/)|a2 ab agec|d2 c2 A3 B| =c2 AB ^cdef|=g2 d2 e2 f^g|a3 b agec|d6 a>g| e2 d>B A2 E2|G3 A B2 =g>f|e2 dB A2 A2|A6||