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X:176 T:Yesterday's Kisses M:6/8 L:1/8 S:Aird's Selections 1782-97 K:G E|ABA ABd|egB A2 c|BAB GBG|BAB GAB| cBc dcd|efe "tr"a2 g|edc Bcd|eAA A2:| |:f/2g/2|a2 A ABA|a2 A A2 f|g2 G GAG|BAB G2 B| cBc dcd|ede "tr"a2 g|edc Bcd|eAA A2:|| % % It may be permissable to abbreviate such an involved title as: % "Sae Braely as I was kiss'd yestreen" into "Yesterday's Kisses" % both for convenience and euphony, especially as the sentiment % has not been clouded by the change. This jig preserved also in % Aird's Selections, has been given circulation recently on the % player-pianos.