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X:182 T:Apples in Winter M:6/8 L:1/8 S:Wm. F. Hanafin, Boston K:G d/2c/2|BEE dEE|BAG FEF|DED FDF|ABc ded| BEE BAB|def gfe|fdB AdF|FEE E2:| |:B|efe edB|e/2f/2ge fdB|ded dAF|DFA def|1efe edB|ede g2 a|bag fga|bge e2:|2edB def|gba gfe|fdB AdF|FEE E2:|| % % A setting of this tune named "Kennedy's Jig" appears in Joyce's % "Ancient Irish Music", Dublin 1890. Known to the fiddlers and % pipers on this side of the Atlantic in later years as "Apples in % Winter", it was printed under that name in the O'Neill collections, % but no variant of the popular jig so far in circulation, displays the % skill of that played by the versatile Billy Hanafin, proficient on % both instruments. % It may be pertinent to add that the Jig named "Apples in Winter" % in O'Farrell's Collection of National Irish Music for the Union Pipes, % London, 1797, is identical with "Gillan's Apples" in former O'Neill % collections.