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X:184 T:Tumble the Tinker M:6/8 L:1/8 S:John McFadden, Chicago K:G d/2c/2|:BAG GDG|GBd gdc|BAG GFG|A2 G Adc| BAG GDG|GBd gdB|cec BdB|1A2 G Adc:|2A2 G GBc| |:d3 BGB|def gdB|ded BGB|A2 G ABc|1d2 d BGB|def gdB|cec BdB|A2 G ABc:|2dBd def|gba gdB|cec BdB|A2 G Gdc|| % % An excellent double jig called "Tumble the Tinker" was printed for % the first time in the enlarged edition of "O'Neill's Irish Music for P %iano % or Violin", issued in 1915. It was obtained from John McFadden a % clever traditional Irish fiddler of Chicago, who until then had forgot %ten % the tune since last leaving his native Mayo some forty years before. % Since its publication as stated, a spirited second finish has been % developed. As varied in the present setting "Tumble the Tinker", % heretofore so little known, is assuredly worthy of preservation, and % enhanced publicity. % Output from ABC2Win Version 2.1 k pre2 on 10/24/2000