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X:1940 T:The Ace and Deuce of Pipering T:Aon 's Do Na Pipbaireacda N:collected by Cronin" S:1781 O'Neill's Music of Ireland N::1st Setting B:O'Neill's 1781 Z:Transcribed by Robert Thorpe (thorpe@skep.com) Z:ABCMUS 1.0 M:C| L:1/8 K:G d-c|B2 cA B-GcA|BdcA B2 A-G|d2 ec d2 ec|dfec dcBA| |e2 fd e-dcA|Adde dcBA|BGcA B2 A-G|FGAB cBcA| |G2 g-e =fdcA|FGAB {d}-cAFG|.AG{A}G-F G2 F-G|.AG{A}G-F G2:| |:G-F|G2 =f2 e2 f2|G2 =f-g fdcA|G2 g2 f2 g2|d2 g-a gfdc| A2 =f2 e2 f2|d^cde fefg|agfa gfdc|BGcA B2 A-G| |G2 g-e =fdcA|FGAB {d}cAFG|.AG{A}GF G2 F-G|.A G{A}GF G2:|