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X:1946 T:The Three Captains T:Na Tri Taoisaig N:collected by J.O'Neill S:1787 O'Neill's Music of Ireland N:There is a mistake in the 4th bar of the second part. The original transcription was: N:e/-f/-ge I have coded it e/-f/-g/e/ otherwise there are 9 beats to the bar instead of 8. B:O'Neill's 1787 Z:Transcribed by Robert Thorpe (thorpe@skep.com) Z:ABCMUS 1.0 M:C| L:1/8 Q:60 K:G D|G>G (3BGB c>AF>A|G>G (3BGB d>BG>G|(3cec A>A (3BdB G>G|A>Bc>B (3AcG (3FED| G>G (3BGB c>AF>A|G>G (3BGB d>BG>G|(3cec A>A (3BdB G>G|(3EcB (3AGF G2 G:| |:d|g>g (3dcB (3ABc (3def|g>g (3dBd (3ecA A>A|g>g (3bge f>g (3afd|e/-f/-g/e/ (3edc d>d (3dcB| c>d (3ecA B>c (3dBG|A>Bc>B (3ABG (3FED|G>G (3BGB c>AF>A|G>G (3BGB d>BG>G| (3cec A>A (3BdB G>G|(3EcB (3AGF G2 G:|