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X:195 T:Of all Comforts,or... . PDF2.195 B:Playford's Dancing Master, Vol 2, 1713-28 Z:vmp.Ruairidh Greig 2015 T:White-Chapel Mount. PDF2.195 M:C| L:1/4 Q:1/4=100 W:The first strain is to be played twice, and the last but once K:Am A,A^GE|ABcC|DEFE/D/|E^GAA,| A,A^GE|ABcC|DEFE/D/|E^GAA,:| AecA|fe/d/e^g|a/g/f/e/ d/c/B/c/|d/c/B/A/ e2| AecA|fe/d/e^g|a/g/f/e/ d/c/B/c/|d/c/B/A/ e2| CCGG|EEAA/B/|cD/E/FE/D/|GG,C2| decA|f/e/ (d//c//B//A//)^GE|A/>c/B/>d/ c/>f/e/>d/|cB/A/A2|] W:First Man turn the 2d Wo. and then his Partner .| The first Cu. lead thro' the 2d Cu. cast up and W:turn :| Then 1st Cu. cross over the 2d Cu. and half Figure, then cross over the 3d Cu. and half Fi- W:gure, then lead up between the 3d and 2d Cu. and cast off, then Right and Left quite round, and W:lead thro' the 3d Cu. cast up and turn .|