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X:1978 T:The Rocks Of Cashel M:C| L:1/8 B:O'Neill's 1819 N:collected by F. O'Neill Z:"Transcribed by Bob Safranek, rjs@gsp.org" Z:G in bar 14 probably shoud be staccato K:G .G.B d2 (e/d/c/B/) d2 | .G.B d2 (e/d/c/B/) A2 |\ .G.B d2 (e/d/c/B/) d2 | gedB cAAB :| |: .G.B (c/B/A/B/) .g.B (c/B/A/B/) | .G.B (c/B/A/B/) cAAB |\ .G.B (c/B/A/B/) .d.B (c/B/A/B/) | gedB cAAB :| .B.d g2 (g/f/e/d/) g2 | .B.d g2 (g/f/e/d/) gb |\ .B.d g2 (g/f/e/d/) g2 | gedB cAAB | .G.B (c/B/A/B/) (c/B/A/B/) (c/B/A/B/) | G.B (c/B/A/B/) cAAB |\ .G.B (c/B/A/B/) (c/B/A/B/) (c/B/A/B/) | gedB cAAB |]