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X:213 T:Capt. Keller's Reel M:4/4 L:1/8 S:McGoun's Repository c.1803 R:Reel K:Bb A|B2 (3dcB fdbd|B/2B/2B (3dcB AFcA|B2 (3dcB fdbd|c>AFA BG G2:| |:G|DGBG dGBG|DGBG AFcA|1DGBG dGBG|cAFA BG G2:|2DGBG dBgd|c'afa bg g2|| % % The above clever tune first appeared in 1761 in A Collection of the % Newest and the Best Reels and Country Dances, published in % Edinburgh by Neil Stewart. As "Capt. Keller's Reel" it has been % reprinted in recent years, but without the spirited second finish.