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X:229 T:King's Jig. (p)1679.PLFD1.229, The T:Winchester Wedding. (p)1679.PLFD1.229 M:3/2 R:three-two hornpipe L:1/4 Q:1/2=90 B:Playford, Dancing Master,6th Ed.,1679 O:England;London N:ABC doesn't seem to like these(this) tunes very much, but they(it) will N:make musical sense if you play them to yourself, whichever way you N:choose to play them (it). H:1679. Z:Chris Partington K:Bb B,|(DGc>B,|(DFD>F|G/A/BB>AB:| |:g|f/g/df>BcB|c/d/eG>cA>F|B/G/EG/B/Gc/A/F|(dBB:| M:9/8 L:1/4 Q:3/8=120 B,/|"_12th Ed onwards"(D/F)GF/DB,/|(D/F)BG/cF/|\ (D/F)GF/ (D/E/F/)|(G/A/B/)BA/B:| |:g/|(f/d/B/)fB/cG/|(c/d/e/) (G/c/B/)AF/|\ (B/G/E/) (G/B/G/) (c/A/F/)|G/ecB/B:|