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X:245 T:Johnny With The Queer Thing (#238-B) M:4/4 L:1/8 S:O'Neill's Dance Music of Ireland 1907 R:Reel K:D defd B2 dB|AD (3FED FAAB| defd B2 dB|ABdf gfef| dfed BcdB|AD (3FED FA A2|dfed B2 dB|ABdf "tr"e2 d2|| faag fddf|gfga beeg|faaf gedB|ABdf "tr"e2 d2| faag fddf|gfga bgeg|agfe dcBc|ABdf "tr"e2 d2|| % % Compare the first part of "The Arkansas Traveler" with the first % part of "Johnny with the Queer Thing" above, which is No. 559 % in O'Neill's Dance Music of Ireland. % [SEE NOTES TO #238 AND #238-A]