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X:256 T:Dunse Dings All M:4/4 L:1/8 S:Aird's Selections 1782-97 R:Reel K:A ce ef/2g/2 aecA|ceeg a3 e|ce ef/2g/2 aecA|B=3DGGB g2 g2:|| cB/2A/2 ec fcec|cB/2A/2 ec a2 ae|cB/2A/2 ec fdec|B=3DGGB g2 gB| cB/2A/2 ec fcec|cB/2A/2 ec a2 ae|afge fde=3Dc|B=3DGGB g2 "tr"gB|| % % From Glen's Analytical Table we learn that a tune named "Dunse % Dings A' " was printed in Neil Stewart's A Collection of the Newest % and the Best Reels, or Country Dances, Adapted for the Violin or % German Flute, Edinburgh 1761-62. Dunse is a town in the Lowlands, % a few miles from the English border gave name to several tunes. % "Dunse Dings A' " signifies in plain English "Dunse surpasses or % excels all, an exaggerated yet pardonable expression of local pride.