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X: 26 T:Hughie's Cap M:4/4 L:1/8 C:Ed Reavy R:Reel N:A favorite story of Ed's tells of N:Hughie, an easygoing sort who had a fierce N:look when he wore a certain cap. Friends would N:take Hughie along whenever a fight was N:anticipated. One look from Hughie and N:his cap would silence the most N:quarrelsome bullies. One night, as it N:would happen, Hughie's friends found N:themselves in the worst sort of mix and quickly N:looked for Hughie's help. But Hughie, N:alas, had ventured out this time without N:his menacing capeen. "Oh God," one N:exclaimed, "somebody go fetch Hughie's cap, N:or there'll be hell to pay for all N:of us this night!" Z:Joe Reavy K:F FG|A2 de fedc|AF (3FEF DGGB|A2 de f2 df|ec (3c=Bc agfe| A2 de fedc|AGFE FDEC|A,DDE FGAd|1cAGE F2:|2 cAGE FGA=B|| c2 AF A=BcA|d2 =BG =Bcdf|ec (3cBc agfe|fagf dcA=B|c2 AF A=BcA| d2 =BG =Bcdf|ec (3c=Bc agfe|1 fdcA FGA=B:|2 fdcA F2||