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X:260 T:Hull's S:Alisdair Fraser and Nathalie Haas R:reel M:4/4 L:1/8 K:Emaj BE (3EEE B2Ac | BE (3EEE cBce | BE (3EEE B2AB | cBce fefg | BE (3EEE B2Ac | BE (3EEE cBce | fgfe c2 Bc | efec Bcef :: gB (3BBB g2fe | fc (3ccc c2 Bc | fc (3ccc c2 Bc | eB (3BBB Bcef | gB (3BBB g2 fe | fc (3ccc c2 ce | fgfe c4 |1 efec Bcef :|2 efec Bcec |]