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X:276 T:The Curragh Races M:4/4 L:1/8 S:Capt. F. O'Neill R:Reel K:G BE ~E2 BEFE|D2 (3FED ADFD|1BE ~E2 BABc|dBAc BE E2:|2"tr"G2 GE "tr"F2 FG| AFDF "tr"GE E2||:"tr"G2 BG dGBG|"tr"G2 BG FADF|1"tr"G2 BG dcBG| FADF "tr"GE E2:|2GABc dcdB|AFDF "tr"GE E2|| % % In former O'Neill publications John McFadden's setting of this reel % was given preference, being in the florid style of that famous % traditional fiddler. The version here presented memorized from lilting % by the editor in schoolboy days, may not be devoid of interest % especially as the arrangement is suited to the scales of the Highland % or Irish warpipes.