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X:28 T:The Connacht Mother's Slumber Song M:4/4 L:1/8 S:Francis E. Walsh, San Francisco R:Air K:G "Moderato cantabile"B,D|E2 E2 E2 DE|G2 G2 A3 G/2A/2| B2 {cB}AG E2 DC|D6 B,D| E2 E2 E2 DE|G3 B A2 GA|B2 AG E2 E2|E6:| |:Bc|d2 B2 B2 AG|A2 A2 A2 GA|B2 AG E2 DB,|D6 B,D| E2 E2 E2 DE|G3 B A2 GA|B2 AG E2 E2|E6:|| % % Not the least charming of the many airs and dance tunes, for which % we are indebted to our liberal San Francisco contributor, Francis E. % Walsh, is the fines Slumber Song above printed. It is an old strain % of which variants under divers names gained wide circulation. % Who hasn't heard the one time popular ballad about "my Love Nell % from the Cove of Cork" and her inconstancy. "Mary of Blackwater Side" % one of the numbers in Joyce's Old Irish Folk Music and Songs, Dublin %1909, betrays a similar origin.