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X:295 T:Reidy's Reel M:4/4 L:1/8 S:Patrick Stack, Chicago R:Reel K:G d2||cAGB AD (3DDD|FDAD FDAB|cAGB AGFG|Adde fefd| cAGB AD (3DDD)|FDAD FDAB|cAGB AGFG|Add^c d2|| K:D de|f2 fd ecAc|d2 ed cA A2|gfgd edcd|eaag ed d2| eaag efge|fefd cAGB|Ad (3dcd Ad (3dcd|Adde fefd|| % % Reidy's Reel is named after a North Kerry fiddler from whose playing % our liberal contributor Mr. Stack learned it in his youth. Altho' % reminiscent of other tunes in certain phrases, "Reidy's Reel" was % until recently a stranger to Chicago musicians.