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X:313 T:British Toper. PFD2.313, The T:British Hero, aka. PFD2.313, The T:Wright's Wisdom, aka. PFD2.313 B:Playford's Dancing Master, Vol 2, 1713-28 Z:vmp.Steve Mansfield 2015 M:C| L:1/4 W:Longways for as many as will. W:Note: Each Strain is to be play'd twice. W:The first Couple go the whole Figure through the third Couple .| W:The second Couple do the same :| The first Couple Figure contrary W:Sides, meet in the Middle, and turn Partners quite round |. W:Lead to the Wall, Sides, the first Couple slip the second Couple W:below them, Sett two Steps and cast off |: Q:2/4=90 N:Repeats not in Mss, added to match dance instruction K:C c/d/ | e/f/e/d/ cG | EG cd | eG fG | g/f/e/d/ c/B/c/d/ | e/f/e/d/ cG | EG c/B/c/d/ | e/g/f/e/ d3/c/ | c3 :| |: e/f/ | g/e/c/e/ g/e/c/e/ | ag fe | f/d/B/d/ f/d/ B/d/ | gf ed | cG dG | eG f/e/f/g/ | a/g/f/e/ d3/c/ | c3 :|